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#169 edit method body raw bytes
Author: developer honfika
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to: developer honfika
Labels: GUI
State: closed Help

Add a capability to edit the raw bytes of the method body. For example you can put an "Edit bytes" button next to the "Edit" button in MethodBody Code tab. The current Edit button shows the pcode, the new could show the hex bytes.
But why do you need this at all? P-Code editing allows you to do same task much more comfortable. I'd not against showing raw bytes in P-Code option (show bytes before every p-code) though.
I'd like to test the not documented tag ids (how many parameters they need), test some obfuscating methods. Showing raw bytes is aleady possible, but I'd like to edit them. Not everything is possible with P-Code.
undocumented tags = undocumented avm instructions in my previous post
This is my issue, and i implemented it. So i close this:)
State: new→closed
Assigned:developer honfika