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#1701 Chinese text don't show correctly
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Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: Charset
State: closed Help

1.Chinese text and code don't show correctly on swf file made with flash 5,maybe is the problem of Character encoding,is it possible to be fix? 2.And an other problem,I have a file with korean in it,I can open it with v14.0.1,but not on any newer version,what have changed?
Downloadflash5.swf (5,650 KiB)Downloadkorean.swf (17,234 KiB)
In nightly 2170, SWFs version 5 or below are loaded in system charset. The SWF charset can be changed by right clicking the SWF -> "Change charset". I assume correct charset for flash5.swf is GB2313, so this one needs to be selected to properly handle characters. For the korean.swf: It seems that in current versions (16.2.0 or nightly), there is no problem with opening it.
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