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#1726 P-code to AS3 issue with continue before break
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody read only
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Labels: AS3Decompilation
State: closed Help

The following function compiles fine to P-code. But when the resulting P-code is decompiled, that produces AS3 with incorrect logic. Classes with this code structure which are decompiled, and modified elsewhere and then recompiled, will encounter issues in logic dependent on this structure. Below is a simple test function to illustrate the de-compilation issue with resulting continue and break structure in p-code. The function return value is irrelevant for this case. private function test() : int { var i:int = 0; var result:int = -2; var testgt:int = -1; while(i < 3) { if(0 - i > testgt) { result = testgt; i++; continue; } result = i; break; } return result; } Compiled pcode has the same logic. trait method QName(PrivateNamespace(":TestCase"),"test") dispid 0 method name "TestCase/private:test" returns QName(PackageNamespace(""),"int") body maxstack 2 localcount 4 initscopedepth 13 maxscopedepth 14 code getlocal0 pushscope debug 1, "i", 0, 1144 debug 1, "result", 1, 1145 debug 1, "testgt", 2, 1146 pushbyte 0 setlocal1 pushbyte -2 setlocal2 pushbyte -1 setlocal3 jump ofs003c ofs0024: label pushbyte 0 getlocal1 subtract getlocal3 ifngt ofs0036 getlocal3 setlocal2 inclocal_i 1 jump ofs003c ofs0036: getlocal1 setlocal2 jump ofs0043 ofs003c: getlocal1 pushbyte 3 iflt ofs0024 ofs0043: getlocal2 returnvalue end ; code end ; body end ; method end ; trait Decompiled p-code has fundamentally different logic missing the break. private function test() : int { var i:int = 0; var result:* = -2; var testgt:int = -1; while(i < 3) { if(0 - i <= testgt) { result = i; // missing a break here which would be synonymous logic } result = testgt; i++; } return result; }
This is fixed in nightly 1945.
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