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#1734 Resize the sprite using command line on windows
Author: user Alunais
Date created:
Type: question
Visibility: Everybody
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State: new Help

I want to automate sprite resizing using a command line on windows. Check the attached images to see how I'm doing it using JPEXS GUI. 1.png shows the default state, and 2.png shows my edited changes. I basicaly multiplied that values by 2. Do you know a better method btw? Anyways, I would like to automate this so I don't have to use the GUI part, because when that .swf receives an update from the author I need to make that changes over and over which is quite often. Could you please give me some solution, and example of the command line to achieve this? I'm aware that Commandline-arguments wiki site exist, but it doesn't help me much, I'm more like a power user than programmer :) I know how to write batch files for automation, sed command lines to replace etc. but this is a bit hard to me.
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