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#1742 Can't add more frames to a sprite
Author: user RatMann
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Type: question
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Labels: Sprites
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I am trying to mod a game and I wanted to add more images to the game. The game requires animated sprites so I created a sprite. I added a frame to the sprite and added a shape to the frame. So far so good. But when the time came to add another frame (I need a total of 4) it just didn't work. When I add a Place Object tag to the sprite it get's transferred to Frame 1 instead of creating a new frame. I tried to change FrameCount value through Raw Edit but the options won't get saved (As shown In the video). So I wanted to know if it is possible to add more frames to a sprite in FFDec. I kinda know that it's possible to do so because it accidentally happened to me once. I know the support on this forum is very limited so I'll try to wait patiently for a reply. BTW, is there a discord server or something related to FFdec? Thank you.
DownloadFFDec issue.mp4 (10,956 KiB)
Actually never mind, someone made a post just a few days ago and it had the answer I wanted. I just had to add a showframetag. Sorry for the disturbance. Thank you!
before you close the thread I wanted to know if there is a way to change the name of a sprite or rather add the name into brackets like there is on the other sprites.
Downloadissue.jpg (48 KiB)
Is far as I remember, these names are mapped in ExportAssets tag which is available under Others section. (Or some similar tag, just look around).
It was mapped in the SymbolClass tag which was under the Others section as you mentioned. Thank you for your help man you're an actual God!
You're welcome :-). Have a nice day.
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