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#1744 Replacing SVG shape from commandline
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Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: CommandlineImportShapes
State: upgraded Help

Hello guys! I tried to replace the character id 1 in my file input.swf with image.svg and export it to output.swf. But it says 'Uncaught exception in thread: main'. I put the whole log into the appended text file. java -jar "C:\programs\FFDec\ffdec.jar" -replace input.swf output.swf 1 image.svg cmd /k But if I use a png image instead nothing fails. java -jar "C:\programs\FFDec\ffdec.jar" -replace input.swf output.swf 1 image.png cmd /k I use FFDEC v.14.4.0 in a batch script in Windows 10. I hope you read my problem and maybe could solve it. Thank you in advance.
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Replacing SVG from commandline was implemented in nightly 1943, try it. Make sure the character tag is a Shape tag.
State: new→upgraded
Title: Cannot replace svg shape→Replacing SVG shape from commandline
Type: bug→feature