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#1756 Extending or Implementing classes
Author: user PDEVI2
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: AS3Direct Editation
State: new Help

In AS3 there are possibility to create extended classes. For example: public class B extends A оr public class C extends B implements A. Can you add a possibility to create them in JPEXS FFDEC? Thanks!
You can create these by direct editation of Actionscript - use that experimental button.
Thanks for the answer! But the Actionscript editor actually brokes the swf or gives the error*. This one of the errors: IndexOutOfBoundsException (Index: 12, Size: 12)
Then I must fix it. FFDec cannot do it any other way than how the editor works. Please attach your SWF file and let me know which class you editedd. If it was a brand new class (from add script functionality), then better.
In the protocol.packages.server.PacketHello
Here I need to know what you really tried to do with the PacketHello class. You added extends clause? If you still remember... In current nightly (2213), we modified method of adding new AS3 classes, that might help. (If you created new class and then tried to extend it)