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#1757 Exrctracted swf files are not indexed
Author: user plendina
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Type: feature
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State: closed Help

When extracting multiple swf files from within the pe file , they're not extracted with their correct order at the flash project i.e. pe index . An instance of a pe file with multiple swf files embedded within is attached.
DownloadSection1.exe (22,223 KiB)
In nightly 2214, SWF files inside are correctly ordered by file position.
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Thanks! Can you please explain how did you went about doing this, or at the very least reference the portion of the source code that went about obtaining the correct index of each swf file.
The previous comment was a bit hasty. I've just opened the previously referenced Section1.exe. It's a stand-alone executable PE binary, which runs the embedded swf files (It can be run via wine). When you run it, it displays the embedded swf files in such an order. I was talking all along about this very order. The order of their display at the executable PE binary, not the sequential file positions/each swf file byte offset within the PE.
This was easy as SWFs are already searched by position from beginning. We add all files found to the java Map structure, where key is the position. Originally we used HashMap implementation but that does not remember insertion order. Now we use LinkedHashMap which maintains insertion order, so the list is correctly ordered.
I cannot get any other order than the byte offset in the file, sorry.
NP. I'll inform you with any updates, or if I ever came across any solution concerning this issue.
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