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#1785 AS2 decompilation timeout for certain try/catch blocks within loops
Author: user idk
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
Labels: AS1/2
State: upgraded Help

Hi there! I've noticed that some AS2 scripts fail to decompile if they have a try/catch block within a loop. Specifically, the decompilation timeout occurs if the catch block's error variable is statically typed. For example, this code will not decompile: for(var thing in obj) { try { // Some code here. Or not. } catch(error:Object) { // Blah blah blah } } Here's the P-code for the AS2 code above: Push "obj" GetVariable Enumerate2 loc000a:StoreRegister 0 Push null Equals2 If loc006f Push "thing" register0 DefineLocal Try register0 { Jump loc006a } Catch { Push "Object" GetVariable Push register0 CastOp PushDuplicate Push null Equals2 If loc0063 Push "error" StackSwap DefineLocal Jump loc006a loc0063:Pop Push register0 Throw } loc006a:Jump loc000a loc006f:
Hi! This is fixed in nightly 2130.
State: new→upgraded