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#1788 Im very new to modding
Author: user JamJamOne
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Type: question
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Yeah... I don't know that much about modding, what is this and how can I fix this?
DownloadJPEXS1.PNG (12 KiB)
Class Weapon might be undefined. Or it's just an error in our compiler. If you did not modify anything, then it's probably compiler error. Our ActionScript 3 compiler is experimental so it might not work well in some cases. Please attach your SWF file here so we can take a look what's wrong with it.
Oh its ok now, I actually deleted the modification before so you don't have to solve anything for now
The problem is back so I will send you the SWF
DownloadCactus_McCoy.swf (6,859 KiB)
If you want to extend Weapon class, you need to add import first, since it is in another package. package cactusGame.models.weapons { import cactusGame.models.Character; import cactusGame.models.Weapon; public class WeaponNunchucks extends Weapon ...
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