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#1790 about actionscript editing
Author: user utopissed
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Type: question
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so i just updated to 15.0 and noticed "edit actionscript" is no longer marked as experimental. does that mean it's finally reliable? being able to work with AS instead of p-code would be a dream come true
For ActionScript1/2, it is no longer marked as experimental because we made significant progress in fixing this kind of compiler. It can still contain bugs, but I think there are not so many. For ActionScript 3, it is still experimental (and the Experimental label+warning is there for AS3 SWFs) as we still cannot properly fix all the problems.
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i see. been trying AS editing for a few days now and it does seem to work nicely with something small like the first image, but it takes minutes to save changes after working in something bigger like the second image. and thats best case scenario, it often just freezes. im glad you guys made progress with AS but i feel the current version isnt quite reliable enough yet to remove the "experimental" warning. unless the problem is just on my end