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#1824 CXT File With Models Inside
Author: user BobJow
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Type: question
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State: opened Help

Hello all, I have a CXT file with imbedded images of unknown format and model files which are possibly one of the following 4 formats .3dmf .3dm .q3d .qd3d. I can extract files out of other CXT files, but the one with the models/bitmaps is not displaying anything in the app. Is this normal or am I messing something up? How difficult would it be to add support for this? I have included two example files below. File 1 can have some files extracted from it - File 2 is the one which I believe contains model files.
DownloadFile 1.cxt (12,724 KiB)DownloadFile 2.cxt (52,454 KiB)
Hello, CXT files are not directly supported. If you pass the CXT file into the decompiler, it only does a binary search inside that file for anything with "FWS","CWS" or "ZWS" bytes inside which are signatures for flash SWF files and then displays them as items in the treeview, which can be exported. File1 contains such signatures and thus some of content can be exported. File2 does not contain these signatures so no SWF file found inside. We do not plan to directly support CXT file format to export/edit its parts or something.
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