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#1845 You can read and edit the UEXP file, but you cannot save it in the original UEXP format
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Hello, I am trying to edit the font file of the game with this tool. This tool can recognize the font file of the UEXP type of the game as a GFX file, and can append characters to the font file, but it cannot save the modification directly. Can only be saved as a GFX or SWF file. And once saved as a GFX or SWF file, the Chinese font name will become garbled. I want to ask what the principle is. Or is there any other way to solve this problem that can be edited but cannot be saved?
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FFDec can open, edit and save these files: - SWF (uncompressed, zlib compressed, LZMA compressed) - GFX (uncompressed, zlib compressed) - Iggy 32bit - All above zipped in .zip file - SWC libraries Additionally, FFDec can open any binary file and search it for magic headers of above file types. In such case, modifications cannot be saved directly to original file. It's because structure of original binary file is unknown. It just knows that at offset 5678 starts a SWF file and is 20058 bytes long, but after modifications the length changes and FFDec does not know how to save SWF with new length into original binary file (does not know what UEXP format is). Pure replacing old bytes with new bytes with extending length at the given offset in most cases won't work as every binary file has specific structure, usually relative/absolute offsets written everywhere so this is what we cannot do automatically. But you can (as far as I remember) save the modified SWF/GFX as new separate SWF/GFX file. UEXP file format is not available in FFDec for direct saving.
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OK, Thanks you for your answer.
In FFDec 16.0.0 I added a warning on SWF opening that it's opened in Readonly mode. Also error message pops up when try to save. You can use Save As button to export particular SWF file.
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