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#1848 Image is in needed characters list of shape, but shape isn't in dependent characters list of image
Author: user Chicken
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Type: question
Visibility: Everybody
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State: new Help

Could you provide sample SWF file where this happened?
This one here. Forgot to mention, this is when I add a new shape (with a corresponding image). If you want I could also send an swf file where I have done that, since this one is unmodified.
DownloadLOTV2.swf (25,045 KiB)
Ignore my first response. This one here, it actually has the shape and image with the problem in it. They are 6891 and 6892.
DownloadIconT10.swf (25,050 KiB)
When I open the IconT10.swf I see image 6891 has 6892 as dependent and also shape 6892 has 6891 as needed. I assume your situation only happens when you add new image/shape, till you resave/load the SWF. It's because the needed/dependent characters are calculated on SWF loading, but probably not updated during character addition/removing.
I thought I added recalculations. Shouldn't be too hard nor costly at runtime to add
Nevermind that: given how I implemented it it would require recalculating the dependencies for the entire SWF which could be quite intensive.