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#1866 Decompiler corrupts SWF when exporting to FLA
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Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: ClippingFLA exportMorphshapes
State: upgraded Help

>When trying to decompile headquarter_001.swf to fla using jpexs all the sprites get messed up a crazy ammount of morpshapes get's created the header is different, it's missing some scripts and many other attributes are changed. Compiling it back to swf from FLA makes it 11 kb's lighter but idk if that's adobes fault or if the decompiler loses a lot of data in the first place. > I'd expect the exported FLA be pretty much the same as the swf > I am using the latest version 16.2.0
Downloadheadquarter_001 (6).swf (37 KiB)Download111.png (20 KiB)Download222.png (43 KiB)Download333.png (33 KiB)Download444.png (69 KiB)
Do you know how can shapetweens be reused in the FLA file? How can I create such FLA file (In the Flash professional, etc.)? I did not manage that. I tried it in FlashPro CS6 by copying Movieclips with same shapetween timeline, but everytime it compiled to two same MorphShapes, not one.
I don't know
In nightly 2673, there is significant improvement. The flags should export correctly. Also morphshapes are not duplicated. Please let me know if you encounter any other bugs in this file.
State: new→upgraded
Well indeed it appears to be fixed completely. Many thanks!