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#1910 Copy Transform Settings
Author: user modder69
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
Labels: Free transform
State: returned Help

Can you add a new feature where we can copy Transform, rotation settings and paste it?
Do you mean copying the transformation matrix? Each object on the stage (PlaceObject tag) has its matrix (with 6 values - scaleX, scaleY, rotationSkew0, rotationSkew1, translateX, translateY - it's called A,B,C,D,E,F in the transform tool). The matrix is then modified with the Transform tool. If you copy the matrix and set it to other object, then it will have the same location on stage as source object.
In nightly 2352 you can copy the matrix to clipboard and then paste it elsewhere. I hope it is what you wanted.
State: new→upgraded
What do you mean "new feature copy matrix is a bit buggy" (as you wrote in#1917), could you provide steps how to reproduce a problem? What is expected behaviour? What do you see instead?
State: upgraded→returned
It was working fine as i expected but sometime when am pasting the matrix it's actually pasting different values than what i copied. Overall it's a very useful feature but sometime am facing this issue when it's pasting something else than what i copied
Can this be reproduced on some SWF file? For example: copying matrix from placeobject X at frame 1, to placeobject Y at frame 2, pastes wrong values? You can also verify what matrix is copied to clipboard by pasting it for example into Notepad - it's copied as text.
That's correct. And yes i tried that too. I pasted the matrix on notepad and it's showing much increased values than what it actually is. But it's not a big problem cause it's not happening all the time. Just see if you can fix it otherwise it's a very useful feature.