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#1930 Game crashes after editing code
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Type: question
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Hello At the beginning I want to say thank you for the program, it's the best However, there was a problem I'm a swf translator, what I did at first I exported all .AS files and translated individually Later, I imported all of them and realized that by changing the AS, I changed the scripts and caught that the game did not work I eliminated the files by elimination method which broke the game and translated them using p-code Everything was going great until I found another bug in the test and it is almost at the end, ahaha already crashing. So that's what I wanted to ask what should I do? Is there a tool that will find the bug in the code will show it? Also I saw debug at the top, I downloaded from Adobe debugger and pasted where it was needed But it checks all the files in the game and then I don't see anything, and I need a tracelog or something else log to understand Oh and yes the bottom right log is silent Sorry it's so much.
Thanks for the good software and happy new year
You should attach the SWF file. Also what I would do in this case is run the flash with that debugger (you mean flashplayer_32_sa_debug.exe, right?) up to the point where it crashes, then copy the error you get and paste it here, so we can figure something. Yeah I've no idea how to use a debugger, but the one use I have for it is that it shows error messages, unlike the standard projector.
Hi, yes I have flashplayer_32_sa_debug.exe this file But apparently I don't use it in the path, now put it up and see how it is Yes it worked, a message came up asking to add debug points. Thank you
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