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#1943 Bulk operations (delete)
Author: user Jouki
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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State: new Help

Hi, sorry if the feature is already there. I found the app just today. I'd like to ask for a feature, please: I have thousands of .swf files that I need to edit, to be more specific I need to remove a background which is a tag in the 'others' folder (SetBackgroundColor). The best way I can think of right now (and potentially easy implementation) is to be able to find a tag based on name and be able to select an option to remove matches (or select all these tags, that matches, and then be able to remove these selected tags). Another approach would be to be able to edit these tags with regular expression search (and substitution) but since you're interpreting data in not-raw-text format this seems to be unnecessarily complicated. I attached an example .swf from bulk to let you see the structure. Cheers, Jouki (Thank you for your work, app is really powerful / Díky za vaši práci, appka je dost nabušená)
Download1270.swf (5 KiB)
Hi Jouki, Assuming you want to get this task done now, I have 2 approaches to suggest: 1. Embed your SWFs using the `bgcolor` attribute. If these SWFs are used directly on a webpage, you can change the background color this way, rather than modifying each SWF file. See this Adobe help page: 2. If you really need to modify each SWF file, I suggest using the FFdec library to do so: Having used the FFdec library, I can confirm that it is a good option for bulk-modifying SWFs or SWF tags.
Hey nosamu, I'm exporting the images from swf (using them on webpage is not primary goal). To urgency of issue, well, the sooner the better, although it's not any urgent. It can wait. As for library I'd prefer the UI option as I'd like to avoid programming a script for it. Anyway, thanks for the effort to help me.