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#1996 Exported texts out of order
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Type: bug
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Hello, I have just updated to stable version 18.4.0 of JPEXS and noticed an issue (not sure how long this has been persistent, sorry). When exporting a selection of text elements, they will be exported out of order. The order appears to be completely random, and I have received different export outputs with the same selection. When exporting all text elements however, the elements are exported in the correct order. The issue only appears when only a few text elements are selected for export. Regards, AG
Hello, do you use "Export texts to single file" feature? Or how do you know the texts are in random order? Do you use "plain text" or "formatted text" export? This can be caused by Parallel speedup settings, but first I need to know how can I reproduce it, it did not happen for me while using the "Export texts to single file".
Hello, Yes I am using "Export texts to single file" with the "plain text" option, however the issue persists with "formatted text" too. I have already disabled parallel speedup as I believe it inhibited my ability to export to a single file whatsoever. For context, the text files I am exporting are "pages of a book", so it is easy to identify if they are out of order. From a technical perspective, each text element has its own ID which is also exported (i.e. 'ID: 3305' through 'ID: 3343' in this case), however I am only attempting to export 12 of these text elements together. If I export all text elements it does export them in order, however exporting only the 12 I require exports them in the following order: 3311, 3339, 3315, 3343, 3316, 3326, 3327, 3333, 3305, 3334, 3310, 3338. As you can see, out of order. I intend to run this plain text export through my own formatting program, which is not currently possible if the "pages of the book" (text IDs) are out of order. I am happy to provide further clarification however I cannot share any specific files. Hopefully this issue can be resolved!
Please try nightly 2522, it should be better now.
State: new→upgraded
Apologies for the late reply, but as of nightly build 2525, the issue is unfortunately still present. However, I have just now managed to find a workaround/potential source of the issue. I only seem to occur this issue when selecting multiple text elements from the visual grid layout (selecting the 'texts' folder, then highlighting some of its contents). I instead tried expanding the folder and selecting each 'DefineText' element that way, and they exported in order, as intended. It would still be more efficient if the other method is able to be fixed, but I can work with this method also. Thank you for looking into this.
Please try nightly 2526, this might be better now.
Issue still present in 18.4.1. Another workaround I've found is to delete unneeded texts from the file and export all text files that way, which exports them in the correct order. Selecting only a few from the visual grid, skipping unneeded ones in between, is still exporting out of order. By the way, I am selecting them in the order I wish them to export, so it was never an "order of selection" issue as described in the changelog.
I cannot reproduce it in current version on any of my files. And you "cannot" share any of your files. So I can't fix it, sorry. If you change your mind and want to send the sample file to me, then I can make this issue private so only you and me will see it...
State: upgraded→returned