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#2 Wrong code for chained assignments (AS3)
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Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
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Funny, I just reported same issue today to Burak, and there you have it too. This code var wires:WireFrame = WireFrame.createEdges (sphere, 0x3F00); wires.scaleX = wires.scaleY = wires.scaleZ = 1.01; group.addChild (wires); shows up as _loc9_=WireFrame.createEdges(_loc8_,16128); (WireFrame.createEdges(_loc8_,16128)).scaleZ=1.01; (WireFrame.createEdges(_loc8_,16128)).scaleY=_loc10_; (WireFrame.createEdges(_loc8_,16128)).scaleX=_loc10_;; corresponding "assembly" code is getlex m[57]"alternativa.engine3d.objects.WireFrame" getlocal 8 pushshort 16128 callproperty m[799]"createEdges" 2 coerce m[57]"alternativa.engine3d.objects.WireFrame" dup dup dup setlocal 9 pushdouble 1.01 dup setlocal 10 setproperty m[102]"scaleZ" getlocal 10 kill 10 dup setlocal 10 setproperty m[101]"scaleY" getlocal 10 kill 10 setproperty m[100]"scaleX" getlocal_0 getproperty m[69]"group" getlocal 9 callpropvoid m[94]"addChild" 1
Thank you for reporting. Chained assigments are very difficult to implement. I will surely look at it, but it is not my priority at the moment.
Hi, I have made some changes regarding chained assignments. It is available in the repository, you should check it.
wow, 1 year - 1 week.
Yes, I am sorry for big delay, I am very busy during work week and had not much time for ASDec. :-)
After this time I don't even remember how to run this. I clicked zip link, and there seem to be sources only.
You can download the sources and then go to commandline and type "ant", which will compile it. Then you can run "ASDec.jar" in the "dist/" directory. I will soon publish new version (beta 4 ?), which will be available for download. Now it is only as sourcecode.
State: →closed
Title: Wrong code for chained assignments (AS3)→Wrong code for chained assignments (AS3)
Type: →bug
Visibility: →Everybody