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#2042 Potential bug in ReflectUtils#getClasses(String)
Author: user alfu
Date created:
Type: other
Visibility: Everybody
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State: opened Help

The code snippet in the ReflectUtils#getClasses(String) method is similar to the code snippet in this Stack Overflow answer ( In revision 2 of the answer, it is raised that the method contains a bug if the resource URL path contains a space. This bug has been fixed in revision 2 of the answer. Can someone kindly confirm if this bug affects this project or not?
I searched our codebase and I found out that ReflectUtils class is part of jsyntaxpane which we use for ActionScript editor. But... it seems that its private method getClasses(String) is not used anywhere. Its defined, but never used. I might "fix" it according the stackoverflow answer, but it won't change anything. So I decided not to modify it. Thus I think this bug does not affect FFDec.
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