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#2051 How to filter items before export
Author: user lorenzo_p
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HI, I'm trying to translate 60 edition of a magazine number. Each number consists of over 100 swf files, take a look of I would like to extract images, texts and frames. In each swf file the main element of interest to me (frame) has a label "(via)", see for example screenshot.png. In the Svalbard01.swf file, I would like to extract only frame 6 (as png and pdf) and its constituent elements (image and plain text). Is there a way to filter the input data like this? Thank you in advance. Lorenzo
Hi, you can try pressing Ctrl + F shortcut on the left tree, an input field should appear, and then write "via" there. Items in the tree should be then filtered. That might help you.
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Thanks, but I need to operate via command line. I was able to do by this way: - i made a dump of each swf using swftools via docker - I've extracted from the dump the number of frame containing the label (via) by a bash script. lorenzo