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#2055 Change depth in multiple frames?
Author: user TeKett
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Type: question
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Im editing an animation and i have to swap the depth of two PlaceOject. Is there a quick way to this or do i have to go through each frame one by one? Id rather not since its over 12k frames.
An unorthodox way of doing it is to use "Replace references with other character ID" right click item on the characters (symbols) and replace each with the other one's ID respectively. This will work globally for the flash. It's a hacky solution, but give it a try. If any of the swapped characters had a name and it is used in a script, strange things may happen.
The problem with that is that it is using matrixes to animate, so each PlaceObject have unique matrixes for each frame. And the PlaceObjects are referencing the previous frame for the character, id -1. So even if i swap the character and matrix, or doing the same by swapping the depth, the next frame still expects the other order. So the objects get placed and morphed using the wrong matrix. So i have 2 ways of going about this. Either swap the depth of the PlaceObject for every single frame, or swap the depth for the first and then swap the matrix for the PlaceObject for every single following frame.
I don't know about a quick way, but if it is very hard to do manually and you know a bit Java, then you may do it via FFDec Library - see its readme at
I will give it a try.