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#2062 jump addresses when editing P-code
Author: user 3plus4i
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Type: question
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Labels: P-code
State: opened Help

When I'm editing the P-code, especially adding or removing lines, do I have to worry about the addresses of jumps and labels? It looks to me like the labels are actual memory addresses, so do I have to update them manually? I'm an amateur with only some scripting experience, assembler-like code is a bit beyond my capabilities. Although I'm starting to sorta understand what's going on there.
The identifier after jump/if instruction must match the existing label identifier. During decompilation, they have assigned identifiers based on its address (e.g. ofs12bc), you can change that identifier to whatever you want (if you change the associated label too), but after saving a reopening again, it will have newly calculated identifier based on its new location (e.g. if you added new lines, etc.) So the simple answer is: no, you do not need to worry the identifier to match specific address.
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Ah, good to know. Thanks!