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#2087 Show/Mix text component in swf file
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So i have this game file, i looked at the text section and i realized that many of the text or "definetext" is not showing in the game(maybe the game creator doesn't want to show those), looking at the "timeline" tool i discovered that at some part all those hidden text just like frame-to-frame or "sitting-to-each-other", it's just messed up Not really related to JPEXS but is there any way i can make those hidden texts shown in the game? And also is there any way i can like...sort those messy text to the its right frame? I can't find any answer on the internet, so maybe i can find some hope there
DownloadCapture3.PNG (167 KiB)DownloadCapture4.PNG (167 KiB)DownloadCapture5.PNG (120 KiB)Downloadray_part_2.swf (5,691 KiB)
The timeline shows frames without any scripts executed. ActionScript can contain gotoFrame commands, stop, etc. If you see something in timeline tool, this does not neccessarily mean that it will be visible this way in the game. We cannot execute ActionScript. You can view DefineSprite 770 to view these frames. I think these text really are in the game, you just need to execute some specific action. I cannot tell you how to show these texts in the game, sorry...
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