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#2092 Assigning Records (Vector points) of an SVG to a fillStyle
Author: user FlamesEC
Date created:
Type: question
Visibility: Everybody
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State: new Help

Hello! Recently I tried using the decompiler to try and replace certain .svgs with others. However, when importing a new SVG, the Edges, Vector points, and all of those aren't assigned to a fillStyle, which is damaging for my purposes. I was wondering how to assign edges/vector points into a fillstyle? Thanks!
Flash doesn't use .SVGs for files and uses its own format. You may notice that the filesize is larger if you replace a shape with an SVG compared to replacing it with the exact same sprite, but copied from another .SWF file. This is because of these differences. I agree that we may be best off if JPEXS were to convert SVGs to the same or similar format as Flash, but this would be talk of new features. I am aware of support for importing SVGs in Flash/Animate. If you were to export it as a .SWF, it may be possible to replace these shapes while retaining fillstyles.