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#2096 Read source code when available
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Type: feature
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Labels: Debugger
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The pcode in debug builds of the SWF it may contain info about the original actionscript file (debugfile and debugline instructions), So, it will be good if JPEXS look for that file that file and open it, instead of decompile it. it may help as well the debugging in complex swf's because that "injecting debug info" step it may be very slow and the swf is already with debug info.
FFDec is decompiler, it decompiles SWF files. FFDec is not a .as file editor or viewer. If you have source code that matches debugline info in your SWF file, then you can surely use any other debugger than FFDec. FFDec cannot properly detect whether lineinfo is SWF matches target file and thus always injects its own lineinfo.
My case is that the SWF is loaded by another SWF that I don't have the source, and that SWF is required to the one that I need debug works, I wasn't able to setup others debuggers only the JPEXS had success debugging it, the only problem it's slow to start it, at least maybe an caching for the injected SWF it may help but whatever.