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#2100 Copy paste frame
Author: user modder69
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: Frames
State: upgraded Help

Can you add a feature where we can copy frames from one sprite and paste it to another sprite
If you switch to Tag-list view, you can copy tags on timeline and paste them elsewhere. Copying a frame sounds like it will copy the whole stage - how it looks like, but this does not need to be true as on a frame there are just changes from previous frame, so when you copy the frame 5, some may think that all objects on stage will be copied, not just tags inside. I don't want users to be confused. I think copying tags is enough.
I think it would still be a very useful feature for larger operations. If an animation is controlled by tags in the main timeline and I want to convert that into a sprite, I would have to go through and create each frame in the sprite, then copy over the tags into each frame one at a time. If there are like 20 or more frames it's a really time consuming process and honestly not even worth the effort.
You can go into taglist and select multiple frames, which you can then copy and paste over, I have done this before. A frame is dictated via a "show frame" tag only visible in the taglist but otherwise completely useable to create frames in resource view. The show frame tag comes after every other tag in that frame.
Although that's possible, I find that it's still a bit of a pain having to expand all of the frames and shift-selecting everything inside those frames. It would make more sense if you could shift-select the frames and have their content copied as well, just like how copying a sprite works.
correct. want a feature where we can copy frame or multiple frame instead of tags. pls add it
I added this in nightly 2691. It is limited to same SWF, as copying frames across SWFs would require handling copying over same Define tags. Please report any bugs regarding this functionality (attaching your swf with described steps to reproduce). It does a bit magic under the hood a copying frames is not just copying its inner tags, the whole stage must be processed (adding removeobjects for previous frame objects, etc.). It also moves associated DefineTags to closer locations when you paste frame from far away sprite, etc., etc.
State: new→upgraded
Thank you. Will update you about the bugs if any