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#2103 How does useGPU option works?
Author: user Mokkor
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Type: question
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Hi! I was trying to mod UI in a game (MechWarrior Online) and found useGPU option in FileAttributes. Does anyone know how this option works? What it does under the hood? Do I need to change any other option for this one to work? The game I'm modding is pretty CPU intensive, so I'm wondering if enabling this option will help. I already tried enabling it, but didn't really feel any difference, but maybe it'll make a difference for people with worse overall hardware? Thanks for your answers!
From the SWF19 spec: > The UseDirectBlit and UseGPU flags are relevant only when a SWF file is playing in the standalone Flash Player. The game you're talking about is probably not running in the standalone Flash Player (it's not even a Flash game, so it must be using middleware like Scaleform to run the Flash interface, right?). So this attribute shouldn't make any difference.
Yeah, game uses Scaleform. Thanks for this info! Maybe you know if there's some other attributes in .gfx I can tweak to make UI less performance hungry? Or perhaps a link to some docs/tutorials on how to optimize .gfx files?