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#24 switch by string in anonymous function
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Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: AS3DecompilationGoogle Code
State: closed Help

When decompiling the same code using other tools (like trillix), i get the following code (example): messageHandler = function (arg1:String):void { var loc1:*=arg1; switch (loc1) { case "buy": { buyHandler({"value":ind, "item":material.item, "count":needCount, "price":material.item.buyCash}); break; } case "order": { connector.sendGameEvent({"action":"orderMake", "index":ind, "type":"order", "objId":objId}, orderHandler); break; } case "ask": { 8!a.main.=">(material.item); break; } } return; } when using asdec, case statements are missing: messageHandler=new function(param1:String):void { switch(param1) { buyHandler({value:ind, item:material.item, count:needCount, price:material.item.buyCash}); break; connector.sendGameEvent({action:"orderMake", index:ind, type:"order", objId:objId},orderHandler); break; _name82.main._name314(material.item); break; } return; };
Hi, try version 1.2.0, I have fixed it.
\o/ ty so much
State: →closed
Title: switch by string in anonymous function→switch by string in anonymous function
Type: →bug
Visibility: →Everybody