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#26 Merging DoABCTags
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Type: feature
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I want to say that you're just awesome and thank you so much for continuing the work on this awesome project! Wanted to say big thanks also for the "-all-" feature which is even better than what I wanted ;) So here is my suggestion - is it possible to make it so that when we save the .swf we can save all the DoABC tags merged (like it is in the -all- feature)?
Hi, this change is not too easy as it looks like. Each DoABC tag contains ConstantPool - list of strings, numbers, names, methods, classes, scripts... When merging two DoABC tag, these tables should be joined and then all indices in the whole tag should be reindexed. Why would you need this feature?
Ah, that sucks ;< I am just editing a big .swf file that has each class in it's own DoABC tag and I need to rename some functions, classes and also change modifiers to public, but I can't put it back together since each class is in it's own DoABC tag. (I am using rabcdasm for the renaming and changing of modifiers)
Oh found a program that merges DoABC tags into one: ABCMerge Ok, thanks! Now all is perfect, you can close this. ;)
Maybe someday in the future, ASDec could rename functions or change modifiers too... In ASDec, all the editing is done via GUI, so I have to make editbox for each feature. Rabcdasm has another aproach, it exports whole ABC as text. I will think about it.... maybe I could use some kind of editing like Rabcdasm does.
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Title: Merging DoABCTags→Merging DoABCTags
Type: →feature
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