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#270 P-Code deobfuscation progress
Author: user focus
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: GUIProgress
State: upgraded Help

Would be nice to see such progress somehow. I see Deobfuscating... for 15 minutes already for attached file (used maximum P-Code deobfuscation).
Download71C0000 - 13.swf (5,656 KiB)
Tried the same on the swf. And it's loading forever. :/
This progress issue is still actual, but P-Code deobfuscation for that file in 1.7.0 works fine now, finishes in about half of a minute for me (looks like it just froze on some code before)!
Hello, I still have this issue with version 1.7.0u1 with the swf attached. Could you test it please?
Downloadtest.swf (2,869 KiB)
You file fails to de-obfuscate, yeah. Fill in new issue please (this one is about deobfuscation progress mostly).
Any news on it?
With the latest nightly with enabled deobfuscation every script decompiles quite fast. And there is no decompilation error, only some §§push and §§dup instructions.
In nightly 1998, progress info about p-code deobfuscation was added.
State: new→upgraded