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#272 Cannot edit class initializer / constants
Author: user capasha
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: AS3P-code
State: closed Help

> What steps will reproduce the problem? Using newer versions of asdecbeta1 makes it impossible to change a "public static const" value. > What is the expected output? pushstring "Try to replace this value" What do you see instead? m[9]"String" = "Try to replace this value" > What version of the product are you using? On what operating system? 1.6.7 and asdecbeta1 which is added in the uploaded package. > Please provide any additional information below. Attach the file you have problem with if neccessary. If you do not want to publish files YOU CAN CHANGE VISIBILITY TO PRIVATE
Constants are generally initialized in initializers. Static consts are initialized in class initializer. Please look in the left bottom panel (Traits list) and click "class initializer" item. It is regular P-code where these consts are initialized. I should place some warning in const trait editation panel, because this is VERY frequently asked question, few more asking this and I will go crazy!!! Note to "asdecbeta1": This version probably does not parse class initializer at all. Is this enough for an answer?
State: new→opened
Type: bug→question
Hmm, I see you attached beta1 too. It shows class initializer with assignments. In newer version, assignments to constants in class initializer are hidden and they are shown directly in const definition, because if they are in class initializer, they are uncompilable, because you cannot assign new value to const... You can access class initializer from traitslist as I stated in my previous post.
Hmm, I took a look again and it looks like Class initializer cannot be selected in current version of FFDec, It always goes to instance initializer. That is a bug, it needs to be fixed.
State: opened→opened
Title: Replacing a "public static const" value in newer files doesn't work.→Cannot edit class initializer / constants
Type: question→bug
version 1.7.0 was released this should be fixed, try it You can edit static initializer again (Click it in traits list) Also warning about const initializing was added.
State: opened→upgraded
State: upgraded→closed