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#274 show the elapsed time during export in the output
Author: developer honfika
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: Commandline
State: closed Help

Now when the AS code is exported from command line, the output looks like the follwing: Exported script 1/1154 mx.core.IFlexAsset Exported script 2/1154 mx.core.IFlexDisplayObject Exported script 3/1154 splash.SplashRootScreen_BackdropClass Exported script 4/1154 mx.core.ILayoutDirectionElement ... Is it possible to show the timespans, too? Exported script 1/1154 mx.core.IFlexAsset, 111ms Exported script 2/1154 mx.core.IFlexDisplayObject, 222ms Exported script 3/1154 splash.SplashRootScreen_BackdropClass, 33ms Exported script 4/1154 mx.core.ILayoutDirectionElement, 44ms
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version 1.7.0 was released this was implemented for AS3 scripts, try it
State: opened→upgraded
It is working. Thank you.
State: upgraded→closed