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#279 Could not view AS hide in BinaryData
Author: user hungpq
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In swf file that hide AS in "BinaryData" Object, couldnt view ActionScript. Is there a way to view it? Sorry about my English
Download_player.swf (273 KiB)
This is not a bug. You need to unpack that swf first. Read
You can export BinaryData to file with FFDec. If such binarydata is SWF file, you can open it in FFDec. Otherwise FFDec can't do anything about it. It is not a bug. FFDec just cannot execute ActionScript which decodes BinaryData.
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Thanks for your reply. Could you investigate if the attachment can view AS that hide in
In the file, there are 2 binaryData objects. Data from these objects are unpacked in function "Ldr1.up" This function does following: (symbolic code) for(var i=0;i<data.length;i+=2){ output.add(tointeger("0x"+data[i]+data[i+1])); } It just takes two hex characters and converts it to one byte of output. You can create an unpacker for it.
Yes, or just dump unpacked swf from memory (since your swf can be played - there is no any domain or local run checks), as I wrote in section "Dynamic unpacking (dumping)" of my article (
Hi focus, could I have your email to ask some more private questions?
Sure, feel free to write me at mynickname {at} or just use contact form from my blog:
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