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#280 help me
Author: user serde
Date created:
Type: question
Visibility: Everybody
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State: invalid Help

Well, first I want to thank a very nice program that gave facebook I do not know how to set up in each game, but please help me find the code you want to learn
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You can ask questions here. I have no problem with it. But I still do not know what you want from me. Please be more specific. If you can't speak english well, write in your native language, I will try to translate it somehow.
teşekkür ederim... yaptığınız program çok güzel teşekkür ederim.ben şunu öğrenmek istiyorum facebook oyunlarının hepsinde bu program ile kod bulabiliyormuyuz? ben facebookta War of Mercenaries oynuyorum sizin program ile hile yapıyorum ama öteki oyunlarda nasıl yapmam gerekiyor
Still not easy to understand %D
Seems that he wants to hack some flash facebook games but doesn't know how :P.
I have same feeling. Anyway it's a wrong place to ask this, I guess.
focus: Exactly. serde: Please find another website/forum for duscussions about this. I can't help you. I am closing this as invalid.
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