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#281 Decompile .swf protected with secureSWF
Author: user megalol
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
Labels: AS1/2AS3Obfuscated
State: closed Help

Is it possible to decompile such files as (see below)?
I don't know, but I heard some rumors about version 1.7.0 that can probably do it. You should try it ;-)
State: new→upgraded
Thanks! Great job. But I discovered some other protection settings in secureSWF (that doesn't auto activated at max protection) that FFDec can't handle. Please take a look :).
Sorry, forgot to attach a secureSWF debug file (maybe it will help).
Looks like P-Code deobfuscation works fine for secureSWF4 protected files.
megalol: I don't see much difference between secure_Main.swf and maxsecure_Main.swf FFDec works for me for both files (Does not generate any Exceptions) Or what do you mean by "that FFDec can't handle" ?
Sorry, my mistake. Seems work fine.
State: upgraded→closed