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#340 Class too large to decompile.
Author: user layola
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Class too large to decompile. hello ,I want to do something about unity3d gen swf(uniswf), but I got some issue is there is an a class call , according to some one said ,it's size is 78m be decompile ,‎ I use FF DEC and wait for almost 10 hours and noting to got . what I want to ask are there options to change the vm size ?or ..
Downloadeffect.swf (4,326 KiB)
Unity uses FlasCC-like fast memory opcodes while converting C++ to AS3 (very conversions rich process), so you'll not get clean as3 code after decompilation anyway.
You'll be able to see the original user code in somewhat clean state though (converted from C# or JS to as3) and it's not so huge in size as Unity3D engine usually. Just look at the global namespace. You don't need to decompile while Unity3D engine to see the user code.
Oops, sorry. FFDec doesn't see the global namespace. As well as many other as3 code there =(
because I want this swf can be work with such like starling engine here is what I post ther-on-flash-platform
what I want is get the and add an line code to implement "sharecontext" property which Unity team did not provide.
You can do the following: (- increase the memory limit in ffdec.bat or use ffdec64.bat) - Open your swf - In settings menu select Disable decompilation (Disassemble only) - Open UnityNative script - It loads after 1-2 minutes - Find your function, put the mouse cursor inside the function - You can see the decompiled instructions in the right textarea - Press Edit button in the right panel, and modify your function's AVM2 insructions It is unnecessary to decompile the whole class to AS, because you can't edit AS3 directly anyway. Is this solve your problem?
Closed due to inactivity. Feel free to create a new issue, if you have problem with editing the P-Code.
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