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#345 Unity3D swf: infinite decompilation
Author: user focus
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
Labels: GUIPerformance
State: closed Help

I have infinite decompilation if the attached swf.
Downloadtest.swf (2,931 KiB)
Any news on it?
Infinite decompilation should be fixed. It should show a timeout exception.
State: new→upgraded
Tried it on latest build - still not fixed. But looks like issue is not with decompilation, but with reading SWF. FFDec can't finish opening process.
I can open it without any problem. Did you increased the memory limit in ffdec.bat? You need to set it at least 3GB.
Yeah, it works if I start FFDec from bat with -Xmx3072m, thanks. But it still fails to work if I open it via "ffdec" Explorer context menu (-Xmx1024m is still used in such case).
Yes, because the FFDec.exe starts the application with 1024MB, and it is required for Windows XP compatibility. I can't find how to configure the maxHeapSize parameter in ffdec.exe (which is generated by launch4j) JPEXS: Maybe we can generate a ffdec64.exe, too with larger heap size, and use this exe in context menu in 64bit systems. Or focus: I can send you an ffdec.exe with larger heap size. This exe is the same in all version, so you need to owerwrite only once.
I'd be glad to have such exe while JPEXS is busy with real life)
You can download the latest nightly build. There is an ffdec64.exe. If you (remove then) add ffdec to the context menu, and you have 64bit JRE, then it will add the 64bit version to the context menu. Or you can simply overwrite ffdec.exe with ffdec64.exe
State: upgraded→closed