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#351 Too much text for the GUI to show?
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Type: feature
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Labels: GUIPerformance
State: closed Help

scripts -> frame1 -> DoAction Gets disassembled/decompiled fine if exported by right-clicking on frame1 and selecting "Export selection". The disassembled file size if 979 KB, the decompiled one is 795 KB. If selected, sends the program to a coma: the disassembly window shows the message "Getting highlights...", then some disassembled code appears, then it just hangs with 100% CPU load.
Downloada.swf (311 KiB)
Yes, it seems, that the decompilation is quite fast, but jsyntaxpane can't load huge texts. Can you accept a workaround? For example truncating the text if it is too long. Or show a warning, and do not load the text.
Is it possible to disable syntax highlight in jsyntaxpane for such huge texts? Or even use faster alternative of jsyntaxpane without syntax highlight?
New config setting added: syntaxHighlightLimit. default value is 100kB. Now it loads for "only" some minutes.
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Closed due to inactivity. Create new issue when the problem persists.
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