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#352 Deobfuscation rollback
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: Deobfuscation
State: new Help

It would be nice if the applied deobfuscation could be rolled back, i.e. if the bytecode could be reverted to its original state/contents before any deobfuscation. I know I can reopen the file, but it can be very time-consuming if the file is 30+ MB or if I have "Search All ActionScript" search results active.
Big file opening is much faster in the latest version then in version 1.x (when you created this issue) Search All Actionscript is still slow, but it is needed to decompile everything after "deobfuscation rollback", so only the swf loading time matters. So do you still need this functionality?
Only if you want to work on it. I mean, I can emulate the undo/redo functionality by saving a copy of the file every time I'm satisfied with deobfuscation results.
I would be happy about a rollback feature as well. Maybe I didn't get the point, but it seems logical for me that the deobfuscated should returned to obfuscated when saving the file to avoid data loss. Currently after deobfuscation the original state is lost forever, including when saving the alternated swf - that is really unnerving...