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#360 Export FLA: empty sound layers (2)
Author: user focus
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to: admin JPEXS
Labels: FLA export
State: closed Help

Hey, please export attached SWF to FLA and navigate to the Symbol 99. You'll see an empty layer called "Layer 4" there.
DownloadSonar.swf (99 KiB)
Any news on it?
No, this bug is waiting for JPEXS, as all FLA export and most of the decompilation bugs:) I hope it is enough to answer here. I can write only this to your other FLA export issues, because i don't know how to fix them:(.
Ah, I see now, thanks for your answer, it's enough of course! Hope JPEXS will have some time to look into such issues ^_^
Same problem as in #305.
State: new→opened
Assigned:admin JPEXS
Title: Export FLA: Extra empty layer.→Export FLA: empty sound layers (2)
It should be fixed in latest nightly build.
State: opened→upgraded
Fixed, thanks!
State: upgraded→closed