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#370 Decompilation error,for this swf ,has many erros,
Author: user xuanhun
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
Labels: AS3HaXeObfuscated
State: closed Help

I exported all parts,then use flash builder editting source code,found many erros. You can do it yourself. use v1.7.1 public static function fromFlashEventType(param1:String) : MouseEventType { /* * Decompilation error * Code may be obfuscated * Error type: EmptyStackException */ throw new IllegalOperationError("Not decompiled due to error"); } opcode is: getlocal_1 coerce m[13]"String" setlocal_2 getlocal_2 getlex m[152]"" getproperty m[28724]"DOUBLE_CLICK" ifne ofs001b getlex m[272]"events.MouseEventType" getproperty m[23556]"MouseDoubleClick" jump ofs00d3 ofs001b:getlocal_2 getlex m[152]"" getproperty m[26845]"CLICK" ifne ofs0032 getlex m[272]"events.MouseEventType" getproperty m[23557]"MouseClick" jump ofs00d3 ofs0032:getlocal_2 getlex m[152]"" getproperty m[25145]"MOUSE_DOWN" ifne ofs0049 getlex m[272]"events.MouseEventType" getproperty m[23555]"MouseDown" jump ofs00d3 ofs0049:getlocal_2 getlex m[152]"" getproperty m[26846]"MOUSE_UP" ifne ofs0060 getlex m[272]"events.MouseEventType" getproperty m[23551]"MouseUp" jump ofs00d3 ofs0060:getlocal_2 getlex m[152]"" getproperty m[26511]"ROLL_OVER" ifne ofs0077 getlex m[272]"events.MouseEventType" getproperty m[23554]"MouseEnter" jump ofs00d3 ofs0077:getlocal_2 getlex m[152]"" getproperty m[26849]"ROLL_OUT" ifne ofs008e getlex m[272]"events.MouseEventType" getproperty m[23553]"MouseLeave" jump ofs00d3 ofs008e:getlocal_2 getlex m[152]"" getproperty m[26848]"MOUSE_WHEEL" ifne ofs00a5 getlex m[272]"events.MouseEventType" getproperty m[23550]"MouseWheel" jump ofs00d3 ofs00a5:getlocal_2 getlex m[152]"" getproperty m[26847]"MOUSE_MOVE" ifne ofs00bc getlex m[272]"events.MouseEventType" getproperty m[23552]"MouseMove" jump ofs00d3 ofs00bc:getlex m[1165]"flash.Boot" findpropstrict m[324]"Error" constructprop m[324]"Error" 0 initproperty m[21321]"lastError" pushstring "Unsupported mouse event type: " getlocal_1 add coerce m[13]"String" throw ofs00d3:returnvalue returnvoid
Downloadmain.swf (2,807 KiB)
Looks okay to me in nightly 998 (and 6.1.0 probably too)
State: new→upgraded
I close this issue due to inactivity. Please create new issue if problem persists.
State: upgraded→closed