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#372 Decompilation error Timeout (1 minute) was reached
Author: user zap
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Type: other
Visibility: Everybody
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State: closed Help

if you can do something about this actionscript ninjasaga/language/SystemDateiEN cannot see the whole SystemDateiEN only this package ninjasaga.language { public final class SystemDataEN extends Object { { /* * Decompilation error * Timeout (1 minute) was reached */ } public function SystemDataEN() { super(); } public static const WEAPON:Object; public static const SKILL:Object; public static const BODY_SET_BOY:Object; public static const BODY_SET_GIRL:Object; public static const ITEM:Object; public static const BACK_ITEM:Object; public static const HAIR:Object; public static const BLOODLINE:Object; public static const BLOODLINE_SKILL:Object; public static const ENEMY:Object; public static const WALLFEED:Object; public static const PET:Object; } } and sorry for my bad english :)
With the latest version this (SystemDataEN) class was decompiled on my machine in 71 seconds. You can increase the timeout in advanced settings. You should export the swf from command line, because this decompiled class contains 105313 lines of code (3958 KByte).
yes now works thanks
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