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#404 P-code and Hex
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to: developer honfika
Labels: GUIP-code
State: closed Help

Can you please make feature where its possible to export p-code and hex like: getproperty m[341]"levelData" ; 60 cc 02 getlex m[332]"_lvl" ; 46 4a 00 callproperty m[74]"Get" 0 ; c1 decrement_i into a file along with actionscript. something like Export all I think this would be very easy to implement since the pcode method already exist and i would definitely donate if you would make this feature. thank you so much. hope to hear from you soon
State: new→opened
Assigned:developer honfika
This is done. Checked in into the source control. If it is urgent i can send you an _unofficial_ and unstable build. If it is not urgent then you can wait the next release or the next nightly build.
Nightly build (rev d92854753f32) is released now. You can try it.
State: opened→upgraded
much apreciated, i will try this asap. But i have a problem since 1.7.2 u2 my swf's dont decompile .. or take ages i opened a ticket but no luck so far. tks ill check and donate.
I'm working on a faster highlighting, and other speed optimizations, be patient. Thanks.
anyway we can convert jpex to C#? i would gladly help on that
ok so i've check the nightly build and works awesome! performance is way better and does pretty much what i asked for. Tks honfika. Throwing 10 bucks your way.
That was my plan some months ago. I'm a C# developer, too, but it is not very easy. There are a lot of Java specific code (not only the UI), which should be manually converted. For example anonymous classes. I don't think that it is a good idea to convert it once, then modify only in the C# code. The best would be automatically convert always the latest code (only the non-UI parts) to C#. This was the reason of my feature request #107. I wanted to create a library for editing swf files in .NET. So not a program, only a dll. I delayed this "project", but maybe later I'll continue it. Before migrating to Java 1.7, it was much easier. In Java 7 there are 3 new features, which can't be converted automatically. (At least the program I tried doesnt support them) - resources in try statemenr => similar to C# using blocks - multi catch - diamond operator Anyway Java is similar to C#.
Yes like you i tried my self to convert to C# but my knowledge of Java is very limited. That desire didnt die and i might try it latter. Like you i pretend to read and edit the SWF just with a few clicks, didnt want to copy paste tons of byte arrays. This feature will save me much time when combined with ngrams. much apreciated m8 and if you ever return to that C# project let me know. maybe you dont have to do it all by your self ;)
I am closing this. Original feature was implemented about year ago :-).
State: upgraded→closed