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#407 _loc1_ instead of register1 ?
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Type: question
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Assigned to: developer honfika
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State: closed Help

First, i'm no programmer. As of v1.7.0 the italic register1 got renamed to _loc1_ Is there a way in the new versions to get it back to the old register1 naming? For me, the register1 reads better then all those _loc?_ variables. Especially those functions that are variable heavy, all those underscores makes it harder to read.
Register name is configurable now. You can configure it in the settings menu/Advanced settings. Setting name is "registerNameFormat" Defautl value is "_loc%d_". You should set to "register%d" All settings can be configured here, so be careful. Some settings needs restart, but register name format should work without restarting the program. You need to finish the editing - click out from the cell - before clicking to the OK button. Nightly build (08d39b0b946b) released, please try it.
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Assigned:developer honfika
Thank you very much! This works great :)
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