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#41 Edit of public static constants don't work
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Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
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<b>What steps will reproduce the problem?</b> 1. Navigate to one of public static constant 2. Press edit 3. Edit value 4. Save - FFdec say trait succesfuly saved <b>What is the expected output? What do you see instead?</b> - changes in editor are not visible - they are visible in edit window (but not in editor window) - they are not saved back to file <b>What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?</b> 1.4.0u1 win8 <b>Could you provide the SWF file you have problem with?</b> <b>If the answer is yes, then please attach it here or send me it via email.</b> <b>Could you at least attach PCode source?</b> <b>Do you have the original source code which produced the wrong</b> <b>decompilation? If yes, then please attach it.</b> <b>Please provide any additional information below.</b>
Hi, in order to change static const value, you have to change static initializer, where const is initialized. Select "class initializer" from traits list and then find appropriate assignment and edit it. The trait editor which is displayed when you click the const trait will edit only trait itself, not the code which initializes it.
Yes,thank you work like a charm!!! Super program! Keep up good work...
Hi again, is there any possibility to se P code opcodes? (hexadecimal?)
Hmm, I will think about it. If you have more ideas, please create new issue in the issue tracker. This one ("Edit of public static constants") is already closed.
State: →ignored
Title: Edit of public static constants don't work→Edit of public static constants don't work
Type: →bug
Visibility: →Everybody