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#412 Weird Text Bug after editing script.
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Hi new to the site, great programme. The question i have is that i am not sure what is causing this weird text bug after editing a script and then saving. It doesnt affect all text just certain parts and just not sure what is causing it. Hopefully you guys can give me some answers as to what it is causing it, or a solution. Attacments below of weird text bug. Thanks Lewis
Downloadweirdtext.jpg (759 KiB)
Could you please attach the swf file? And please write the steps to reproduce the problem.
That steps that I took are to make it so that the menu doesn't go to the server type selection screen, but instantly to the server browser. Under scripts>warz>frontend>MainMenu On line 160 of that scripts where it says "Play Game" i edited that part so it would do what is said above. After i have edited this part, i clicked save for the trait then save for the swf file, then what you seen on the image above is what happens. I feel asif the programme has screwed up the font or maybe it was lost. Hopefully you can give me a better answer. Swf file is attached. Thanks
DownloadFrontEnd.swf (21,519 KiB)
I just realised that the one i sent you doesn't have the part changed on line 160. If the pushstring was edited on that line it would say "ServerBrowse" instead of "PlayGame" and after saving and saving the error occurs.
The "PlayGame" text you modified is not a text which is visible on the UI. You should not modify this string. Is is just an "enum value", which is used in a switch-case in warz.frontend.Main.showScreen When i open your original swf file with flash player I can't see anything, so I still dont understand what is the problem. Pleas could you explain it from the beginning? I need te exact steps, e.g: - open FrontEnd.swf - navigate to xxx.yyy.zzz class line nn - Press edit button in the right panel, and so on... And please test it with the latest nightly build, too. You can download it from this page: /
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