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#413 secureSWF 4
Author: user charles
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: AS3Obfuscated
State: invalid Help

Hello. I'm struggling with this swf for days now, and I have used every possible tool but it seems latest secureSWF obfuscation. Left JPEXS deobfuscate and by removing dead code, it finished in a couple of seconds, however I cant pass the second stage and never tried the third one. This file has domain locking i guess, that's why it unloads when called via browser. I would gladly donate or pay someone who could help. If someone can help asap, please send me an email: Thank you
I don't think that it is an issue in FFDec. You only want a "crack" for this game.
1st I'd try to find all the places in the code where it generates a random number. Modify them to return constant. Save the swf. Then clear the browser cache. Use fidder to replace the HTTP response for the swf file request, to send the modified file. Check if the game is deterministic or not. If it is deterministic, then you only have to modify the constanst to get the higest score. But this is not a hacking forum...
Hi Honfika, No, I dont want to crack the game and cheat it. I have several few of these games which i need to have the domain locking removed or possibly get the as3 code to compile again. I know this is not a hacking forum but as i said, I'm happy to pay anyone which will be able to help me.
If you try to open the game with the shockwave player, you will see it uses secureSWF 4 protection and is being protected with a demo version. But if you try to open it through a browser, the game unloads itself. I need that unloading removed and i will have to know the technique to do that because i have few more games that i need to do the same for them. Thanks for understanding.
There is no domain locking in this game. I tried to modify the domain name. Configured in hists file the ip of the server to, then loaded the game successfully with domain name. What is your goal? You wont be able to run this game locally. It needs a server components too. Do you want to deploy this game to your own server? If this is the reason, then every user still needs a gametwist account... Unless you implement the server side code...
hists = hosts
Thanks for the help. My goal is to run the game locally. I can do the server side code but i cant seem to load the game locally. I will try and modify the hosts file to and try again, however, if you have a way to change the to any other domain, please let me know. Thank you very much.
You can change it to any other domain. was only an example. So you will implenet all the server side functions in your machine? Then everything should work without swf modification.
But could you please tell me which part i should modify to be able to load through I set in hosts file but it still wont load. Also please tell me which tool are you using so i can do that. Thanks
Anyone else able to help me? No problem about payment or donation, I just need this done asap. Thanks
I am closing this as invalid because the issue is not about our decompiler. Use other forums for question like this, thanks.
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