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#415 HaXe compiled SWF support.
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Type: feature
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Looks like SWF files, that compiled from HaXe code is decompiles incorrectly. I can't show entire SWF, that compiled by HaXe by some reason, but here is a sample: OPCodes (sample0.txt/first file) - How FFDec decodes it (sample1.txt/second file) Other example: OPCodes - FFDec result: (sample2.txt;sample3.txt/3 and 4 files)
Downloadsample0.txt (5 KiB)Downloadsample1.txt (415 B)Downloadsample2.txt (2 KiB)Downloadsample3.txt (264 B)
I think it's decompiled much better in current version of FFDec. In nightly 1213 I fixed some super call issues.
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I close this issue due to inactivity. Please create new issue if problem still exists.
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